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Photo of Jim Hatten with the traffic box art  of Elvis in downtown Jackson, MS by artist Shannon Michelle Valentine at the Jackson Convention Complex August 9, 2012.


The Mississippi BBQ Trail provides a fun way to find your favorite BBQ JointGas Station BBQ and Franchise BBQ so you can decide which one serves your favortie BBQ Ribs. There is no question, when traveling through our great state, you're going to get some good food and meet some interesting people.

The Mississippi BBQ Trail is a campaign to promote all the barbecue industry and events in the State of Mississippi, so that touists and local residents can more easily find and enjoy them. Launched on June 10, 2014, MSBBQTrail.com has grown to become the Largest BBQ Trail in America, with over 200 listings. Our goal is to faithfully represent the BBQ Restauranteurs, BBQ Events, and BBQ Pit Masters of Mississippi as leaders in this classic culinary category nationwide.

Our website MSBBQTrail.com provides a basic listing for use by the internet public as a Free Service for:

BBQ Joints
 Gas Station BBQ Joints
  Franchise BBQ Joints
   BBQ Trucks
     BBQ Teams

Our Company History

Made in Mississippi Marketplace LLC was founded on June 3, 2011 with a vision of marketing and advertising local products, to be "all about everything Mississippi." The Mississippi BBQ Trail is the first in that series.

Why did I develop the Mississippi BBQ Trail campaign?

Several years ago, I was considering the challenge of building a barbecue grill in a 5,000 gallon steel fuel tank. That same week, I happened across an article that described the feral hog epidemic in the southern U.S. (see Smithsonian Magazine, January 2011 "A Plague of Pigs in Texas") I wondered if the solutions discussed in the article could be brought to Mississippi, where there is now an overpopulation of feral hogs damaging our farm and ranch lands. I imagined having all that great barbecuing going on and thought “people in Mississippi eat a lot of pork.” How much? My research highlighted a rich and diverse industry with an important economic footprint. I also found that this particular industry segment did not have a strong online presence. Tourists and local residents should be able to easily find a good place for lunch or dinner at a Mississippi BBQ Joint from a reliable internet source.

Please follow us as we expand and diversify our media coverage of BBQ Events and BBQ Joints all over our state. And what about the feral hog epidemic? I think we can find a way to help with that - let's get the grill going!

Jim Hatten

Photo of Jim Hatten on the steps to the pool area of the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino during MSSTARS in Biloxi, MS August 16, 2016.
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Photo of Jimmy Ross and James A. Hatten at 333 Restaurant on October 19, 2014 in Grenada, MS.
Photo of James A. Hatten at Jake & Rip's for barbecue ribs, September 2, 2014 in Grenada, MS.
Photo of Jim. Hatten at AAA's Barbecue at Fannin Road Exxon for BBQ Ribs and Brisket on April 14, 2015 in Brandon, Mississippi.
Photo of Jim. Hatten at AAA's Barbecue at Fannin Road Exxon for BBQ Ribs and Brisket on April 14, 2015 in Brandon, Mississippi.
Photo of James A. Hatten at Bourbon's BBQ & Steaks at the Ameristar Casino for barbecue ribs, March 29, 2015 in Vicksburg, MS.
Jim Hatten arrives at the Old Trace Grill to see a great message board at night with owner Mrs. Glenda Pickle in Kosciusko, MS

The Mississippi BBQ Trail has adopted the American Marketing Association Code of Ethics to guide our people and our company in all aspects of our business.
James A. Hatten

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