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(769) 216-2753

1206 Luckney Road Suite A ♦ Flowood, MS 39232

Rankin County ♦ Since 2016

Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm

Drive-Thru, Indoor Dining, Carry Out

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Triple A's Barbecue
Amazing Authentic All Day

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Triple A's Barbecue interior view in Flowood, MS

Triple A's Barbecue is a great place to stop any day of the week to get fine barbecue. Chef Chris Haley is an enthusiastic grill master and you can taste the passion. This is Gas Station BBQ at its finest.

Triple A's Barbecue offers Pulled Pork, BBQ Ribs, Smoked Beef Brisket complimented with side items like a Loaded Baked Potato Salad and Baked Beans that are WOW! All the meats prepared by Chef Chris are pecan-smoked, low and slow, to be tender and full of flavor. The BBQ Ribs are "3 1/2 down" - Chef-speak for what civilians call Baby Back Ribs - you can pull the rib bone out, they are so tender.

Anytime I find a Grill Master that prepares Beef Brisket, I always take notice. Brisket is difficult to prepare properly and Chef Chris has a Perfect 10. Our friends say "I didn't know brisket could be this good." Tender and flavorful, this brisket really doesn't need sauce, but Chef Chris has a specially prepared Brisket Sauce that is impressive by itself.

Speaking of BBQ Sauce, Triple A's Barbecue offers a variety to suit you:

• Sweet Sauce: A perfect medley of Coca-Cola, brown sugar, vinegar, and our rub.
• Rooster Booster: Triple A's Version of a South Carolina mustard based barbecue sauce. With just a touch of Tobasco to put the "zip in your doo-dah."
• Red Sauce: A straight forward vinegar and tomato sauce with a touch of heat. Growing up, in Dickson, TN; this is what barbecue sauce was to me.
•Memphis in May: This is the sauce for the person that likes everything. It's sweet, vinegary, and a little hot; just like Memphis barbecue.
• Hot Season Cider: Triple A's version of a North Carolina apple cider vinegar based barbecue sauce. This sauce will make you sit up straight in your chair.
• Blue Cheese bbq sauce: It is a homemade Blue Cheese barbecue sauce. Any questions? When you add it to our brisket, there needs to be a moment of silence.

I recommend you taste them all.

Dessert? Of course, we all need dessert - Peach Cobbler and Pecan Cobbler are as Southern as the Sweet Tea served with your meal.

Chef Chris Haley grew up on a farm in Dickson, Tennessee, so he can appreciate the quality and effort that goes in to making a meal. He joined the Navy as a young man and they sent him to Culinary School in San Diego, California. Chef Chris served aboard the frigate USS Taylor FFG-50, recently decommissioned on May 8, 2015 after 30 years in service. After his tour of duty and later moving to Mississippi, Chef Chris commanded the kitchen at the famous Parker House in Madison, MS. His expertise and enthusiasm is now working everyday to provide folks with the best barbecue. You will appreciate his talent with every bite of Triple A's Barbecue.

So take time to stop inside the Shell Gas Station at the intersection of Lakeland Drive aka Hwy 25 and Luckney Road, right there at the traffic light, to have an encounter of the BBQ kind -
Triple A's Barbecue!