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(601) 371-4448

Swinging Bridge Marketplace  #10 Holiday Rambler Lane

Byram, Mississippi 39272

Hinds County  ♦  Since 2004

Monday - Thursday 11am-8pm  ♦  Friday - Saturday 11am-9pm

Services:  Indoor Dining, Carry Out, Catering

‡ Certified Trail Stop on the Mississippi BBQ Trail:
March 2015

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Down Home BBQ


Daddio's Down Home BBQ storefront photo_Byram, MS
Daddio's Down Home BBQ interior photo_Byram, MS
Daddio's Down Home BBQ interior photo_Byram, MS
Daddio's Down Home BBQ interior photo_Byram, MS
Daddio's Down Home BBQ interior photo_Byram, MS
Daddio's Down Home BBQ interior photo_Byram, MS

Daddio's Down Home BBQ is located in the Swinging Bridge Marketplace on I-55 Exit 85 in Byram, Mississippi. Daddio and his crew have been smokin' up some great BBQ products since April 2004. The great smell of smoked barbecue is all around the area of this shopping center, no wonder it is bustling with activity! Now, Daddio's Down Home BBQ is a favorite gathering place for lunch and dinner in this community just south of Jackson. Be sure to get a Lucky "7" Lunch Special Card to buy 6 lunch specials and get the 7th FREE !

This barbecue cooking team has 11 years of experience growing barbecue franchises in central Mississippi, so you know their recipe is good. Mike Watkins, a.k.a. Daddio, and his awesome crew have a winning combination of Dry Rub BBQ Ribs, Pulled Pork, Smoked Sausage, Ham and Pork Loin that will keep you coming back for more. They also have Homemade Pork Rinds snacks in four flavors: Regular, BBQ Butt Rub Hot-n-Spicy, and Ranch

Daddio's Down Home BBQ is a full-service restaurant where your family and friends can sit down to a great meal or you can be a hero at home when you arrive with carry out barbecue from Daddio's Down Home BBQ. Be part of the tradition when you dine with them and write out your own note to post on the walls of the restaurant. It is amazing to see how people from all over everywhere end up eating barbecue in the same place!

Daddio's Down Home BBQ is situated in the Byram community, Mississippi's newest city. Originally incorporated in 1870, the town was named for A.M. Byram, an early settler who donated land for the location of the train depot. Byram is one of a group of communities that grew up along the rail line that followed the west bank of the Pearl River. The forests of the Piney Woods of south Mississippi were eager to have the railroad establish a railyard to allow for movement of timber products to mills and market. The town surrendered its incorporation during the Great Depression when it could no longer fund municipal services. Long considered a part of Jackson, the community resisted attempts of the City of Jackson to annex the area and it was incorporated for a second time on June 16, 2009. This modern community now provides its own city services to residents and businesses, offering a country town experience with all the conveniences in a family atmosphere.

Swinging Bridge Marketplace, home of Daddio's Down Home BBQ is named for the Byram Swinging Bridge. Built in 1905, the Byram Swinging Bridge was the only access across the Pearl River at Byram. It is one of the few remaining examples of a popular type of short-span vehicular suspension bridge often constructed in Mississippi in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Since approximately 1987, the Byram Swinging Bridge has only been open to foot traffic and is now a historical landmark and popular spot for photography for families and courting couples.